Raceseng Tug View - GoPro Mount (Cayman / Boxster 987)


Designed to Fit:

  • 2005 - 2012 Porsche Boxster / S (987)
  • 2005 - 2012 Porsche Cayman / S (987)

Product Details

Available Options:

  • Tug View (mounts to Tug Hook)
  • Tugless View (includes Tug Shaft)
  • Tug Plate View (mounts to Tug Plate)

A rigid, bolt-on GoPro mount, the Tug View slips over the front of our Tug and is secured with a bolt from the bottom.


  • Works with any GoPro case with a dual ear mount 
  • Adjustable camera angle 
  • Rigid mount provides stable footage 
  • Keeps camera tucked close to the front bumper 


  • USA milled high grade alloy steel shaft and aluminum ring 
  • CNC machined for precise fitment and function 
  • Superior corrosion resistant multi-stage finish 
  • Manufactured by Raceseng in the United States 




About Raceseng

The birth of Raceseng dates back to 2005 when a father and son were inspired to merge their combined design, engineering and manufacturing skills with their passion for racing. With a legacy of racing history dating back to 1957, the driving goal was to create a company that embodied their passion and knowledge to completely design, develop and manufacture a line of high performance automotive products. Ever since then, we have set out on a journey being well aware that its going to take many years of hard work to build out our vision!