Recaro Expert Houndstooth Classic Seat


Designed to fit

  • Recaro Seat Brackets / Seat Adapter (sold seperately)

Note - Racing seats are a universal fit item. Please contact us for fitment questions.

Product Details

In style, comfort and performance, RECARO Expert Houndstooth seats are a giant leap ahead of standard automotive seats. And our new Limited Houndstooth Edition features distinctive upholstery that will remind you of some of the world’s great sports cars of past decades. No other seat manufacturer can rival the quality and handmade craftsmanship of real RECARO seats. Best of all, these seats, like all RECARO classsic seats, have our proprietary and world-renowned ergonomic technology built in. The result is seats in your car that look great, feel great, are kind to your body, and leave you feeling refreshed after a long drive.


  • Extendable seat cushion
  • Backrest adjustment, manual
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Backrest release on both sides
  • Paddable lumbar support

Key for comfort dimensions:
A: Seat height
B: Seat width
C: Seat depth

Dimensions in inches, all dimensions ±0.4 inch


About Recaro

Recarco Seat Logo

Wilhelm Reutter founded his body shop in 1906. Ever since, we’ve been obsessed with custom mobility, and Reutter’s passion lives on in the first two letters of our brand as well as in everything we do. We’re all about making driving safer, more comfortable and more controlled – a driving experience that you can really feel. We put people first. Every time. We’re equally obsessed with motorsport. Whatever record you broke yesterday, you aspire to beat it today. That’s why we’re constantly looking for ways to help you shave a little time off your next lap – safely. Winning is one thing. But to be a champion, you need to keep learning and developing.

Our seats are more than just a set of components. They’re made of innovation, quality, premium materials, craftsmanship and a serious passion for cars. From the ultimate in comfort and ergonomics to uncompromising sporting flair, our products are as diverse and exacting as the individuals who buy them. And always of the quality you expect from RECARO. Choose cutting-edge performance that puts you in the driving seat.

Enjoy that ride!