Recaro Podium Carbon


Designed to fit

  • Recaro Seat Brackets / Seat Adapter (sold seperately)

Note - Racing seats are a universal fit item. Please contact us for fitment questions.


Product Details

The new RECARO Podium is much more than a thoroughbred CFRP shell seat. It's a pioneering seat design for the contrasting demands of road and track. It's not just its sleek outline, visible structures or innovative pad concept of varying thicknesses that make heads turn. The Podium stands out because of its superior quality and exceptional performance on all road types - whether you're commuting to work or competing to win. The RECARO Podium is the only retrofit shell seat on the market that has FIA homologation and is approved for use on public roads. Racing technology doesn't get better than this!

Seat with ABE (German general type approval)/component certification with 3-point belt available for many vehicles. For further information on specific vehicles, please contact an authorized RECARO partner (ABE/component certification only in conjunction with RECARO baseframe and sidemount).

With a RECARO Podium, where man meets machine, the road becomes a playground that gives the driver instant feedback, all the way. It boasts a low center of gravity, firm, compact upholstery, and the necessary freedom of movement for the arms. Its snug, supportive structure and side bolsters for excellent shoulder and torso support stabilize the body against lateral forces, cocooning it likea second skin. The RECARO Podium went through intensive testing on the Nrburgring's "Green Hell" during development. The result: controlled cornering - even at the extremes. And a "calculated thrill" of being faster - by design.

One size never fits all. Thanks to the varying pad thicknesses, the RECARO Podium is available in two sizes: size M for medium build drivers and size L for larger build drivers. This means the shell can be customized for optimal comfort and fit. The beauty of the pads' design is that, rather than being simply flat, they are expertly shaped to fit the contours of your body. This allows air to circulate through the seat - a built-in cooling system.


  • RECARO Podium M: with pads for medium build drivers
  • RECARO Podium L: with pads for larger build drivers
  • ABE and FIA homologatio
  • Suitable for track and road
  • Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) seat shell
  • Sleek racing seat look with special lateral support
  • Specially formed shoulder support
  • Integrated headrest
  • Road use: with 3- or 4-point belt | FIA: with 4-, 5- or 6-point belt
  • Developed for the use with head and neck safety systems


  • Model: Podium
  • Bolster Material: Perlon Velour Black
  • Install Location: Driver Seat
  • Slider (sold separatley)
  • Weight: 13.4lbs / 6.1 kg
  • Max height: 14.8 inches / 378 mm
  • Max seat cushion depth: 17.2 inches / 438 mm
  • Max seat cushion width: 15.9 inches / 406 mm
  • All mounting hardware sold separately
  • Mounting hardware varies based on the vehicle the seat will be installed
  • Check with your dealer / installer for fitment and necessary mounting hardware for your vehicle applications


  • All mounting hardware sold separately
  • Mounting hardware varies based on the vehicle the seat will be installed
  • The seat width indicates the width of the seat cushion without side bolsters. This dimension was measured 4.7 inches in front of the bottom of the backrest.
  • The seat depth indicates the total horizontal length of the seat cushion (from the front of the cushion to the bottom of the backrest).
  • Seats with extendable seat cushion: Minimum dimension with retracted seat cushion. Maximum dimension with fully extended seat cushion.




About Recaro

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Wilhelm Reutter founded his body shop in 1906. Ever since, we’ve been obsessed with custom mobility, and Reutter’s passion lives on in the first two letters of our brand as well as in everything we do. We’re all about making driving safer, more comfortable and more controlled – a driving experience that you can really feel. We put people first. Every time. We’re equally obsessed with motorsport. Whatever record you broke yesterday, you aspire to beat it today. That’s why we’re constantly looking for ways to help you shave a little time off your next lap – safely. Winning is one thing. But to be a champion, you need to keep learning and developing.

Our seats are more than just a set of components. They’re made of innovation, quality, premium materials, craftsmanship and a serious passion for cars. From the ultimate in comfort and ergonomics to uncompromising sporting flair, our products are as diverse and exacting as the individuals who buy them. And always of the quality you expect from RECARO. Choose cutting-edge performance that puts you in the driving seat.

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