Rennline Carbon Fiber Intake (997.1 Turbo)


Designed to fit:

  • 2005 - 2008 Porsche 911 (997.1 Turbo Only)

Product Details

Ever felt your 997.1 Turbo could use a bit more power? With the Rennline Carbon Fiber Intake your drive will never feel better! This system provides improved flow dynamics that result in real-world power. Made from carbon fiber with black anodized aluminum MAF adapters and stainless steel fasteners, this Carbon Fiber intake performs as good as it looks.

  • Peak gains of +24 WHP/+4 ft-lbs torque on 100% Stock Vehicle (max gains of 27 WHP/22ft-lbs)
  • Peak gains of +9 WHP/+15 ft-lbs torque on APR ECU Upgrade with BMC air filter (max gains of 28 WHP/30 ft-lbs)

About Rennline

Rennline Incorporated is located in Milton, Vermont, just minutes north of Burlington and not far from Montreal, Quebec.  Rennline was started by Paul Jacques, a native Vermonter.  Paul has decades of experience in the aerospace fabrication industry and has had a passion for the Porsche 911 and a number of other vehicles since his childhood.  Perhaps best known for our aftermarket Porsche parts, we strive to manufacture functional pieces of equipment that are also aesthetically pleasing, no matter the application.  With a number of CNC machines and a great team of engineers and manufacturing specialists, Rennline has tackled a wide variety of projects over the years, from MTV Music Awards to the dual ammunition feed on the military’s XM307 Advanced Crew Served Weapon to beer tap handles, and so much more.

Rennline’s manufacturing abilities include: CNC waterjet, CNC milling and turning operations, bending, forming, welding, embossing, powder coating, painting, anodizing and screen printing. Our extremely diverse facility allows us to design as well as prototype and manufacture all of our own products in-house. This gives us constant control over innovation, quality, pricing, and availability of all Rennline products. In addition, it allows us to offer our products to the general public for less than comparable parts from other distributors. We also understand how important it is to serve our customers in a timely fashion, which is why we do our best to stock all of our products for immediate shipment.

We know what it takes to make our customers happy. To do that, we guarantee every product we offer, and strive to provide excellent service. We listen to what you have to say and work very hard to put your suggestions into practice. One of our customers recently sent us an e-mail that said, "Your company is truly unique in today's world, I thought that customer service was a thing of the past until I came across Rennline." That is just the way we want our customers to feel. So, if you have ideas about ways in which we can provide better service, or thoughts about new products, please let us know. It is your feedback that allows us to continuously evolve our product line into the excellence that we are driven to achieve.