Sabelt - Enduro Silver Full 2" 6-Point Harness


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  • Universal Fit

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Product Description

  • New compact buckle integrates sub-belts
  • Easy adjustment with yellow pull-down straps
  • Velcro patches on shoulder straps secure loose ends
  • Comms/hydration routing on shoulder belts keep lines secure

Replacing the previous design which featured 2″ combination shoulder straps, the new Silver Series harness from Sabelt uses 2″ belts throughout, secured with lightweight aluminum hardware. Intuitively adjusted in the cockpit with bright yellow tabs that pull down, changing drivers and entering the cockpit are now simpler and easier than ever. The newly designed cam-lock buckle now integrates the crotch-belts fixture, enabling it’s 2016 homologation and heightening driver safety in the event of an impact. A number of other handy features have been added, including comms/hydration routing on top of shoulder straps and HANS-friendly silicone grip on the underside.

Sabelt are the industry leading manufacturer of motorsport harnesses and accessories, for good reason.



      About Sabelt

      Sabelt Logo - Flat 6 Motorsports

      Sabelt was founded in 1972 and started as a manufacturer of safety seatbelts for original equipment. Over the years, the expansion of the compulsory nature of seatbelts brought about new production systems allowing the company to consolidate and develop an extensive knowledge of buckle systems, seatbelts and complex retention systems. This technological foundation made it possible to create specific systems for racing cars, in which extreme conditions and safety requirements posed a challenge that was not easy to conquer. Having achieved industry leadership, Sabelt has expanded its range by also dedicating itself to high-end sports road car accessories and niche markets, becoming the European leader in the development and production of 3 different businesses: Racing, OEM (original equipment seats) and belts for special applications.

      Sabelt, founded in 1972 by Piero and Giorgio Marsiaj, specializes in the development and production of car seats for performance road cars, racing products for motor racing and seatbelts for aerospace.

      The quality of Sabelt products is the result of intense research and development, which allows it to reach the highest levels of performance and safety. Sabelt invests 8% of its resources annually in research and  development and is the only company in its sector to have an internal dynamic test laboratory to perform ECE and FIA tests, aimed at verifying the strength and effectiveness of its products.

      Sabelt provides innovative solutions for race car drivers:
      ultralight racing suits, carbon fiber seats that adapt to the driver and seatbelts for cars of all types of racing.

      From the world of motorsport, Sabelt has developed a range of premium sports seats for the world’s top car manufacturers. It designs and manufactures safety belts and seats for vehicles with a strong sporting connotation, dedicated to an advanced and demanding driver, that is sports oriented and has a particular attention to quality.
      Each seat is designed and created exclusively by Sabelt in collaboration with its customers, the car manufacturers. Sabelt's tailor-made production allows you to create customized products, designed according to the needs of car manufacturers and end customers.
      Its main partners are: Ferrari, McLaren, Alpine, Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Maserati and Aston Martin.

      Sabelt is also able to develop and implement new technologies dedicated to various applications of safety seatbelts in niche markets, such as the military, aviation, aerospace, exceptional transport and many other fields where technical products and customized.
      Since 2010, Sabelt has been the supplier of Thales Alenia Space Italia for the restraint systems of the Cygnus Orbital-ATK module (belts and nets).
      Thanks to its extensive experience in safety, the company has been able to reduce the mass of the restraint systems of the space loading module up to 40% of its original weight (about 100 kg of mass reduction obtained thanks to highly technological materials and new geometric designs). It also extended its product portfolio for space by developing new foams used in space operations to optimize cargo storage.
      Today Sabelt has 250 employees divided into 2 factories which will become 3 in 2020.

      • RACING: seatbelts, seats, fireproof clothing
      • OEM: road sports car seats
      • SPECIAL APPLICATIONS: belts, restraint systems, hardware

      • RACING: Ferrari, Redbull Racing, Hyundai, Renault, Jaguar Racing, Alpine, Dallara, Cupra and many more
      • OEM: Ferrari, McLaren, Alpine, Abarth, Dodge Viper, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Maserati, Aston Martin, Rimac, Hyundai
      • SPECIAL APPLICATIONS: Thales Alenia, Iveco, ICP, Safran Aerosystem

      MARKETS SERVED Worldwide