Schroth Racing 4-Point Harness (For Porsche Carbon Seats)

Position (LHD)

Designed to fit:

  • Porsche Factory Carbon Seats (Pictured)

 Product Details

This Schroth 4-point harness fits 991 GT3, 981 GT4, and 918 cars with the factory Porsche one-piece carbon seat. It features a specific bracket for the lap belt installation that requires no drilling, and attaches to the factory engineered harness mounting locations.

This is a four point belt, which means it features SCHROTH's famous ASM technology. This technology, in conjuction with the enduro laps, keeps your pelvis planted in the seat in the event of an impact, keeping you from submarining under the lap belt. This particular belt features a street legal FE style camlock,.

Please note: this is not an FIA homologated competition restraint.


  • Shoulder Straps: Pull Down 2"
  • Lap Belts: Pull Down 2" "Zip Adjuster"
  • Shoulder Strap Fittings: LV4 (2" Shoulders) LV10 also included
  • Lap Belt Fittings: Sewn-in B43A (GT3 Specific Hardware)

Included Hardware

  • (2) S82 Flat Washer
  • (2) SG29 Bolts
  • (2) S104 Spacer/Collar
  • (2) S184 Flat Washers


  • Not FIA homologated
  • FMVSS209 Approved for use as primary restraint on USA roads


About Schroth Racing Products

SCHROTH Safety Products GmbH has been developing and manufacturing restraint systems and other safety solutions for highly specialized applications in vehicles and aircraft for many decades. SCHROTH and its sister companies operate manufacturing and development facilities in Arnsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Federal Republic of Germany and in Pompano Beach / Florida (USA).

SCHROTH is a world leader in restraint technology for aircraft and ground vehicle applications, offering the most advanced and innovative restraint solutions available today.

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