TWL Carbon - PDLS+ Style LED Headlights (Cayman / Boxster 718)


Designed to fit

  • 2017+ Porsche Boxster / S / GTS / Spyder
  • 2017+ Porsche Cayman / S / GTS / GT4

Product Details

The TWL Carbon PDLS+ LED Headlights provide a fresh look and styling to the front of your Cayman or Boxster. These resemble the top of the line Porsche OEM headlights at a fraction of the price. They illuminate with the four point day time running lights and have a regular and high-beam. Please note, the lights do not have an auto-leveling or active steering component. 


  • No error codes
  • Plug & Play - no coding required
  • No cutting or splicing wires


About TWL Carbon

TWL was build up since 2001,as the auto parts and aftermarket accessories trading company in the initial stage.

And by some opportunities, TWL had a chance to enter the field of OEM of carbon fiber auto parts in 2012.

However, during the manufacture experiences in these years, TWL found there is a problem being so long in carbon fiber auto parts industry the carbon fiber auto parts have a wide range of prices and the material and manufacture method and the quality were uneven. In such situation, TWL is wondering if there is possible to provide our customer the products within high and unrivaled quality but with good value?

Thus, TWL decided to set up the RD center in Taiwan& build up our own brand TWL CARBON and lead our company changed from an OEM entity to OBM and devoted the vacuum carbon fiber aero kits for Porsche all models from 2015 to now.

TWLCARBON’s  Quality Advantage

  • 100% rear carbon fiber, neither carbon look nor carbon foil.
  • Make with vacuum compressing mould, no yellowing issue and no waving issue.
  • Extreme light wieght.
  • Flame retardance and explosion retardant.