Verus Engineering - Carbon Fiber Front Splitter and Air Dam Kit (987.2 Cayman)


Designed to Fit

  • 2009 - 2012 Porsche Cayman / Cayman S / Cayman R (987.2)

Product Details

Front splitters are very effective at producing front end downforce without increasing drag significantly by creating a large pressure delta between top and bottom surfaces. The splitter is produced from a carbon thermoplastic, which is the same material used in high forms of Motorsports. The material is not brittle, so no more issues with cracking like carbon fiber and ABS. It will not grab and bend under the car like aluminum units either.

The air dam is used to bring the splitter flat with the vehicle's underbody and improve performance further. The air dam is produced with pre-preg carbon fiber and is cured in an autoclave for reduced weight and improved strength.


  • Constructed from carbon thermoplastic, which offers strength, low weight, durability, and a great appearance
  • Same material used in various forms of racing, including Indy Car, NASCAR, and F1.
  • Produces high downforce for large rear wings.


  • Front splitter is manufactured from carbon thermoplastic, offering superior strength, weight, durabilty, and appearance to many other options
    • Will not grab and bend surfaces like aluminum units
    • Will not crack and break like carbon and ABS units
    • Abbrassive resistant while stiff
  • Stainless hardware throughout
  • Carbon fiber air dam
  • Aircraft nut plates used in the air dam

Installation Instructions


About Verus Engineering 

Why Verus (pronounced Veh-rus)?  Verus is Latin for true or complete.  We strongly believe in engineering as a whole.  We are also a company comprised primarily of engineers.  We wanted to bring our passion for engineering to our name.

In 2014, a group of Motorsports engineers joined together and began a journey into revolutionizing the components available to the aftermarket industry.  The group of engineers comprised in Verus Engineering have a wide range of previous and ongoing knowledge within the Motorsports world.  We have worked within IndyCar teams and the sanctioning body, NASCAR teams, World Endurance Car (WEC) teams, as leading suppliers to the Motorsports industry, and in leading aftermarket companies as well.  This vast experience allows us to cater to many needs within the automotive industry.  With thoroughly engineered components including the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), thermodynamics, heat transfer, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), we strive to produce aftermarket parts that can outperform the factory components.