New Fastest Macan Record? Dyno Results In!

New Fastest Macan Record? Dyno Results In!

A client of ours has started with a common modification path to his Macan Turbo. He is currently running the Flat 6 Motorsports High Flow Intake System along with recently installing our Stage 1+ Map. He took his Macan Turbo to the dyno recently in the Texas summer heat and was able to produce a record 558 ft/lb of torque to the wheels on a Mustang Dyno. Now all dynos read different and Mustang Dyno's tend to read a bit more torque biased to HP, but the numbers are impressive for a mostly stock vehicle. 

The install effort of our Intake System paired with the Cobb Accessport and loading the Stage 1+ Map can all be done in your driveway or a parking lot in under 30 minutes. It's really that simple and a proven set-up. 

Our client is taking his Macan Turbo to the next level with the goal of breaking the fastest Macan in the world claim currently sitting at 11.51 @ 118 mph. To achieve this, he is installing the AMS Intercooler Kit and our Upgraded Diverter Valves. He will then have the car Pro Tuned and calibrated to make even more power. We can't wait to see the next round of dynos and of course him break the world record for the Fastest Macan!

Dyno Results 

Flat 6 Motorsports - Most Powerful Macan Dyno


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