Ruby 997 Carrera S heads to Daytona International Speedway

Ruby 997 Carrera S heads to Daytona International Speedway

Last week, we had the opportunity to get some shots of our Project 997 hitting the track at Daytona International Speedway courtesy of the SCCA Track Nights Event. At this track night, our car faced off with plenty of other seasoned track enthusiasts, and beautiful cars a plenty. From a few fellow P-cars (see extra shots on the GT3rs and Caymans we spotted!), to some Camaros, Corvettes, and BMW's. No matter what you drive, anyone can take enjoyment from the shared passion for ripping up corners. These events are a very cost-effective way to get on track and you'll get more diversity of cars at an SCCA Track Night compared to a PCA event. 

Many people are familiar with Daytona Speedway for its rich NASCAR history, and yearly Daytona 500 race. IMSA fans will recognize the layout of the Track Night follows the Rolex 24 Hour endurance race. You can easily picture the 911 RSR ripping around at just a few clicks faster. It's pretty remarkable that enthusiasts can also take part and enjoy driving around a famed circuit like Daytona. It's long straights and high-angle banked turns make for a very fast and G-force fed lap. The infield section features some technical turns where a greater focus on hitting apexes pays off. Once you get back out on the outside, you'll feel the speed and flat-6 (if equipped) screaming off the walls.  

An overlooked benefit of attending an event here is the distinguished upkeep of the track and its corresponding buildings. Daytona was most recently repaved in 2010, making the track buttery-smooth to drive on. The spectator stands stay clean, bathrooms are functional, and we'll admit, having a drivers meeting in the air conditioning, isn't too bad either.

Whether you've just picked up a new Porsche and want to learn how to control it better, or you're ready to set a new record time on your favorite layout, Track Nights provide the perfect opportunity to improve your driving skills. The Novice group can enjoy the track, learn about technique, and drive un-paced laps to get a feel for their car. You also receive an instructor who can give you advice between laps. Intermediate and Advance drivers groups focus more on improving skills, and should be aware that others on the track are also doing the same. That's why we feel like you don't need to be pushing yourself all the time at these events; just go out and enjoy your car.



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New to taking your Porsche to the track? Check out our Track Prep Guide to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your day.  

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