Verus Engineering 981 Cayman Intake Filter Install (Video)

Verus Engineering 981 Cayman Intake Filter Install (Video)

What's the first power modification every automotive enthusiast looks to do with their car? Upgrading the air intakes. Intakes are a simple and proven way to add power and improve the soundtrack of your Porsche. They offer a relatively low-cost price point and an easy install process.

Thankfully, Porsche designed a great airbox on the 981, pulling in cold air from both sides of the car while driving. The stock air filter elements just don't flow enough air. Why? Well, with the design objectives of emissions, fuel efficiency and cost, many companies will utilize a paper filter media. Paper filters are very effective at filtration and are very low cost to manufacture. The downside, of course, is they don't promote high flow robbing your engine of air to make power.

And yes, we like power!

So, this week, we installed a pair of Verus Engineering Intake Air Filters on our Project 981 Cayman. We chose the Verus Engineering filters due to their proprietary filter media which is a nano-synthetic based media proven to outperform others on the market. An added value is they don't require oil, so servicing them just requires letting them soak in a bucket with dish soap.

In this video, you will see just how dirty a pair of filters can get. With roughly 6K miles on the aFe filters we pulled out, you'll learn why it's a good idea to clean/replace them every so often!

Watch our video to see how to perform this handy procedure safely and efficiently:

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