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Dan is an automotive and Porsche enthusiast. He purchased his 987.2 Spyder back just over a year ago and is already making great progress on his build. The Spyder is a unique vehicle in the Porsche family that weighed only 2,811 pounds providing enhanced performance compared to the 987 Boxster range. Dan is following a common modification path to many 987 owners by leveraging proven bolt-on solutions. 


Dan took a typical approach for a 987 owner looking for more power. Improving airflow can provide solid performance gains to the 3.4L DFI engine in the 987.2 Boxster. With proper tuning, Dan was able to produce +39HP/28TQ to the wheels! That's a 14.6% improvement to power with just a few basic bolt-ons. 



Dan not only added style but also added function. He is running the Porsche Short Shift Kit and the Raceseng Circuit Series Sphere 100 Shift Knob. He chose the red anodized ring on the shift knob to tie in the red fabric door handles, a nice subtle touch! 



Dan has chosen to keep things pretty simple. After all, the Boxster Spyder has a unique design that stands out from other Boxsters on the road. Dan's choice of lightweight wheels in black provide a nice contrast to his Carrara White painted exterior.   


  • APEX SM-10 18" Matte Black Wheels
  • Bridgestone Potenza RE71R Tires


Dan is installing the JRZ RS2 Touring Coilovers . The suspension allows adjustment between smooth street use and aggressive track use. Leaving your factory top mounts will provide incredible road compliance. If it's too much flex for the track, you can easily swap out the top hats for a solid monoball mount.

Follow along here or his YouTube channel for the latest developments!

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As an auto enthusiast and amateur car tinkerer, Dan wanted to start sharing some videos. His YouTube channel focuses on most things automotive, including ; auto-x, detailing, maintenance, repair, modifications. 


IPD Plenum Install
SOUL Performance Exhaust Install
Dyno Day / (Before & After)
PCA Track Day #1
Raceseng Shift Knob & Porsche SSK
Replacing Air Filter
Baseline / Stock Dyno Run


Like many Porsche owners, Dan enjoys taking his 987.2 Spyder to the track to put it through the paces. Make sure to check out our Track Prep Guide for tips on getting your Porsche out on the track safely. 

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