Project Macan Turbo - Episodes

Latest Video - EP 7

We introduced our Project Macan Turbo back at the beginning of 2021. We purchased a Macan Turbo (2015) that we've been doing some development work on. We had sold our Macan S a couple years ago, so it's great to be back in a Macan on a daily basis to help provide more value to our Macan clients. 

The goal of this build was pretty clear, make a great looking and highly reliable fastest Macan on the planet. We plan to add a host of high-quality parts through this build series. 

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Macan Turbo Build Series - EP1

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Project Macan Turbo: EP6 Akrapovic Exhaust (Install & Sounds)
Project Macan Turbo: EP7 Upgraded Turbos (Update)


Upcoming Episodes/Plans:

  • Turbo Upgrade (1/4 Mile Testing / Dyno Results)
  • Brake Upgrade
  • Wheels