FVD Brombacher Motorsports Oil Pan w/ X51 Baffles (997.1 Carrera S/4S)

Optional Drain Plug & Install Kit?

Designed to fit

  • 2005 - 2008 Porsche 911 Carrera S/4S (3.8L)

Note - Available with optional FVD Magnetic Drain Plug & Install Kit.

Product Details

Scavenging and aeration in the oil pan have been identified as a problem in the 986, 996, 987 and 997 models that experience high G-forces on the racetrack. This FVD Brombacher Motorsport Oil Pan has been designed to alleviate those problems in two ways. First, they have designed and incorporated an X51 style baffle to retain the oil near the pickup point. Also, the oil pan design increases oil capacity by ¾ of a quart (0.6 Liters). Both elements alleviate oil starvation and aeration (foaming) and assist with oil cooling and engine performance. 


  • X51 Style Baffle - Retains Oil Around Pickup
  • Increased Oil Capacity - Adds ¾ of a Quart (0.6 Liters)
  • Cooling Fins - Lowers Oil Temperatures
  • Includes Oil Pickup Extension 
  • Manufactured in Germany




About FVD Brombacher 

FVD was founded in 1983. After many years in the Porsche industry they are produce and stock Porsche racing parts, replacement parts, and accessories backed by certified Porsche mechanics! The top tuner in Germany and the top tuner in Florida have teamed up to give customers outstanding customer service on their high-end race oriented parts.