Niche Technologies - Convenience Module (Macan)

PCM Version

Designed to Fit

  • 2015 - 2020 Porsche Macan (Including all 95B variants)

Product Details

This new Porsche Macan convenience module from Niche Technologies adds a list of modern features to your vehicle, giving it the most functionality possible all in a plug-and-play solution. Trunk closing from the keyfob, full closure, close the trunk whilst driving, mirror folding, PCM mute and many more features! Bring your car into this decade, with a Porsche Macan Apple car play upgrade.

PCM Versions (Macan) - Flat 6 Motorsports

Note - picture above is to provide a guide to understand which PCM version your Macan is equipped with. The Convenience Module does not add Apple Car Play functionality


  • One-touch trunk closing using the key fob
    • Simply hold the trunk button on the key fob for more than ¾ of a second and the trunk will automatically close. Avoids accidentally closing the trunk.
  • One-touch trunk closing from the driver’s door, without the ignition being on.
    • Simply press the trunk button on the driver’s door (when the trunk is open) and the trunk will close automatically, you do not need to hold it nor have the ignition on.
  • Trunk closing while moving
    • Once the closing procedure has been initiated in the previous feature, you can drive off, the trunk will continue to close automatically. You must be stationary to begin closing but there is no speed limit once it has begun. Perfect for busy traffic at school pick ups or needing to get going asap.
  • Quick-Close of windows, trunk, sunroof and sunblind
    • Holding the lock button on the key fob for ¾ of a second triggers full closure mode, this will automatically close anything on the vehicle that is open (apart from the glovebox!), lock the doors, fold in the mirrors and set the alarm.
  • Summer mode
    • Holding the unlock button on the key fob for ¾ of a second triggers summer mode, this will automatically open all the windows, fold out the mirrors, vent the sunroof and move the sunblind back enough to let hot air out of the vehicle. It will unlock the vehicle and disarm the alarm.
  • Mirror fold on lock/unlock
    • When the vehicle is locked or unlocked via the key fob, the mirrors will respond accordingly by folding in on lock, and out on unlock.
  • Puddle light delay during mirror fold out
    • When the vehicle is unlocked and the mirrors fold out, the puddle lights will wait until the mirror are full extended to illuminate. Only comes on at night.
  • Keyless Entry Window Closing
    • By holding your finger on the drivers outside door handle for a second or more, the auto window closing mode will activate (excluding trunk), if you have the keyless option package.
  • Auto Volume down on ignition (note - function doesn't work on PCM 5)
    • The module will automatically turn the radio volume down on ignition, to avoid blasting your speakers.





About Niche Technologies

Niche Technology Logo

With over 20 years experience in restoring and improving vehicles we realized that most aspects of the automotive aftermarket industry were well covered; suspension, wheels, audio, accessories, etc, all apart from functional electronics. The products available seemingly fall into two categories, homemade devices by hobby engineers which have no warranty, are made in their spare time which are time consuming to find, let alone install and secondly, poorly made devices from companies which lack customer service, appropriate testing for function or safety, had delivery times of months not days (not that you would know until after order!) had no guarantees with poor build quality and although sometimes being cheap, never worked quite as advertised, if at all. There is also the danger of wiring in untested electronics into your precious vehicle. Leaving a bad rating on Aliexpress or ebay is not going to fix the damage!

With the ever-increasing use of electronics in modern day vehicles, the manufacturers unwillingness to sometimes add certain features and options and the issues listed above, was created to fill this gap and to solve this problem.

Niche Technology has 5 rules for its products whether supplied externally or developed in-house:

  1. Made in the EU or USA.
  2. 2 year minimum warranty.
  3. CE Certified (E-marked)
  4. Perform as advertised via thorough testing of quality and function.
  5. Plug and Play installation.

Based just outside of Warsaw in Poland and employing an international team, ship our products worldwide from our development centre.