NR Aero - Type 1 Front Carbon Fiber Spoiler (997 Turbo)


Designed to fit

  • 2005 - 2012 Porsche 911 Turbo / Turbo S (997)
Product Details

Give your Turbo a more aggressive look  with the Carbon Fiber lower spoiler. This part  replaces your original factory spoiler and will add more downforce to the front end of your Turbo. NR Auto offers a complete add on aerodynamic kit for your Turbo including front spoiler, side skirts, rear skirt with finned diffuser and choice of wings.

About NR Aero

NR Aero (Flat 6 Motorsports)

Since 1986 NR Aero has manufactured automotive accessories for the European automotive market. We pride ourselves on producing high-quality parts that enhance the style and performance of your vehicle. We rebranded to NR Aero in September of 2023 as we began to focus on more functional aero performance for future product development. 

Our parts are handcrafted in thick, high-quality fiberglass or carbon fiber. We also produce some parts in ABS, Polypropylene or Polyurethane. Our goal is to provide high-quality solutions for European automotive enthusiasts.

We proudly manufacture our parts in the U.S. at our production facility located in Los Angeles, California.


NR Auto was founded by Neal Rayburn in Sherman Oaks, CA in 1986. The business originated from Neal's passion for cars, specifically Porsche, in tandem with his desire to modify them. His vision was to provide customers with the ability to make their Porsche or other European automobiles stand out from the crowd. Neal began with slant nose conversions on the 930 models and continued to develop other accessories and cosmetic parts in the early 2000’s.

NR Aero has built a reputation in the automotive community by producing quality parts and providing support to our clients. NR Auto continues to develop products leveraging new design tools and 3D printing to expand our offering in the automotive accessory market. We continue a strong R&D program and test new materials for future products. Our core capability in hand-laid fiberglass and carbon fiber continue to be a focus as we pride ourselves on the craftsmanship of our work and are proud to produce parts in the USA. 

How We Differentiate 

  • Our bumpers use original mounting points. Customers don't need to purchase addition parts to install NR Aero bumpers. 
  • Our bolt-on wings use original mounting points and replace factory spoilers. 
  • Our fiberglass parts are thicker than the competition to enhance durability and quality. They are not thin like some imported products or competition that cuts corners. We finish in polyprimer to shorten prep time. 
  • Our carbon fiber parts use a 2x2 twill weave to provide an OEM-matching look.
  • We take customer service seriously and work hard to provide quick responses to aid our customers. 
  • We make our parts in the USA, we are automotive enthusiasts and craftsman.